A Powerful Engine to Automate Your Hiring
Screening Automation

Seamlessly integrate your calendar to create open availability for any session with applicants throughout your screening process. Personal coordination with each applicant is no longer required - believe us when we say your Inbox will thank you.

Background Checks

OnboardIQ takes care of sending each applicant their background check consent form, running the check once consented, and automatically advancing them if they clear.

Document Signing

Tax documents, on-boarding manuals, NDA’s - everything you need when you are ready to hire. Clicking one button will send off a customized package of documents to be electronically signed by the applicant.

Data Collection

Collecting personal identifiable information has never been easier. You can use our data validation criteria to ensure that an SSN, driver license number, and bank account number are consistent and secure. Maybe all you need is to collect a couple photos and a t-shirt size, no problem - we can do that for you too!

Training and On-boarding

All training documents and videos are accompanied by a set of test questions to ensure each employee understands the material. This can serve to replace costly employee orientation, be a valuable tool in providing feedback, and get new employees up-to-speed as soon as possible.

Complete SMS Communication

Want your applicants to be able to go through the entire screening process through SMS? You’ve got it!

Follow up SMS and emails

Automating much of the back-and-forth communication is helpful, but we didn’t want to stop there. You can also create trigger messages in each step of your process to automatically track every applicant’s progress and completion.

Communication Dashboard

Just like in relationships, communication is key. OnboardIQ has multiple ways for you to communicate directly with each applicant through both email and SMS.

Want to text a group of applicants that all live in San Francisco, have over 5 years of experience, and own a Honda? We knew it. Something as random as that is possible with just 2 clicks.